media/civil society



2005 The New Western Way of War: Risk-Transfer War and its Crisis in Iraq, Cambridge: Polity, 170 pp. (Italian translation, L’Occidente alla Guerra: La tentazione dell’interventismo, Milano: Università Bocconi Editore, 2006, 231 pp.)

1996 Civil Society and Media in Global Crises: Representing Distant Violence, London: Pinter, viii + 214 pp. Read Part III, From managed media to active representation: the Gulf War and the Kurdish refugee crisis.

Partial German translation, ‘Die Repräsentation ferner Konflikte und die globale Zivilgesellschaft’, in Ulrich Beck, ed,Perspektiven der Weltgesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1998, pp. 221-56.

Edited books

2005 Global Activism, Global Media, with Wilma de Jong and Neil Stammers, London: Pluto and Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.


2007 ‘When war is not war: Western and terrorist ways of war in the era of global surveillance warfare’, in Richard Keeble and Sarah Maltby, eds, Communicating War, London: Arima, pp. 130-40.

2004 Risk-transfer Militarism and the Legitimacy of War after Iraq’Foreign Policy in Focus Policy Report, June 30, 2004

(1) republished as Paul Eden and Therese O’Donnell, eds, September 11, 2001: A Turning-Point in International and Domestic Law?, Ardsley, NY: Transnational Publishers, 2005, 127-48;

(2) translated as ‘Militarismo de transferencia de riesgo y la legalidad de la guerra tras Irak’, translation of, inRelaciones Internacionales (Madrid), 3, October 2005.

(3) translated by Kai Hebel as ‚„Risikotransfer-Militarismus“ und die Relegitimierung des Krieges in der Weltgesellschaft’, in Thorsten Bonacker and Christoph Weller, ed., Konflikte der Weltgesellschaft: Akteure – Strukturen – Dynamiken, Frankfurt: Campus Verlag, 151-74.

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1992 ‘Public Opinion and Media War Coverage in Britain’, in Hamid Mowlana, George W. Gerbner and Herbert Schiller, eds., Triumph of the Image: The Media’s War in the Persian Gulf. A Global Perspective, Boulder, Colorado: Westview (with Roy Carr-Hill).

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Public Opinion, Media and Violence: Attitudes to the Gulf War in a Local Population (with Roy Carr-Hill), Hull: Hull University Gulf War Project, 42 pp.

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