Street politics, violence, media

An edited version of this post appeared on openDemocracy, 7 December 2010 ‘The relationship to violence is also much better, as shown by the spontaneous revulsion of the demonstrators against throwing the fire extinguisher at Millbank. There is an understanding of the need for no willed violence against people. Doubtless provocateurs will try and spoil… Continue reading Street politics, violence, media

Debate with Omer Bartov on Palestine and genocide

The genocidal character of the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 is discussed in the pages of the premier genocide journal, Journal of Genocide Research, in its new issue, where I debate the issue with the historian, Omer Bartov: 'The question of genocide in Palestine, 1948: a debate between Martin Shaw and Omer Bartov', Journal of Genocide Research,… Continue reading Debate with Omer Bartov on Palestine and genocide