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  1. Tom, thanks for your comments. I take Bose’s account as a serious contribution but I’ll be interested to see your response, although I can’t promise a review, I’m afraid. Martin

  2. Dear Prof. Shaw,

    We are trying to contact you through your email id regarding an inclusion of your article.

    I would be grateful if you could please reply back via email so that i can provide the complete information.

    Swati Jain

  3. I have just read your article in Open Democracy March 25, 2016 about E.P. Thompson and his creation of END European Nuclear Disarmament. I was active as the representative of WILPF in Sweden from the start of END until 1991, when we arranged the END Conference in Moscow together with the peace movement and dissidents in the Soviet Union. The END conference was opened by Sacharovs widow Jelena Bonner.

    I remember our long meetings in the END Liaison Committee, this strange organisation with no written rules – working solely with consensus! We planned and arranged the annual END Conference in Brussels, Berlin, Perugia, Paris-Evry, Amsterdam, Coventry, Lund, Riga, Moscow.

    The END was succesful in bringing together East and West peace organisations and dissidents like Vaclav Havel.

    One of the last END Conferences was on my initiative in my hometown Lund 1988.

    I see that you are now working in Barcelona.
    There is also Louis Lemkow (formerly active in END) now professor of Environmental Sociology

    Best greetings from
    Ninna Widstrand, Lund Sweden

    1. Hi Ninna, I’ve just seen your message! Sorry not to have replied earlier. They were stirring times. Thanks for getting in touch, Martin

  4. Hi Martin it’s Weyman Bennett I was student many years at Hull University I was interested in your work on far popularism and have conversations with you about the subject best weyman my contact I am joint convenor of Stand up Racism and joint national convenor unite against Fascism best weyman

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