‘Left-wing’ genocide denial

George Monbiot has written an interesting take in The Guardian on 'left-wing' denial of the Srebrenica genocidal massacre and the Rwandan genocide, Left and libertarian right cohabit in the weird world of the genocide belittlers. Monbiot refers to the recent book by Edward Herman (Noam Chomsky's collaborator of four decades) and David Peterson, with a… Continue reading ‘Left-wing’ genocide denial

The Holocaust, Stalin’s genocides and the future of genocide research

Three new contributions, on related themes, to the new issue of Journal of Genocide Research: 1.  Jürgen Matthäus; Martin Shaw; Omer Bartov; Doris Bergen; Donald Bloxham, Donald Bloxham, The Final Solution: A Genocide (review forum), 13, 1 and 2, 2011, 107 - 152. Read a draft of my contribution. 2. Martin Shaw, Jeffrey Alexander et al., Remembering the Holocaust:… Continue reading The Holocaust, Stalin’s genocides and the future of genocide research