2 thoughts on “Review of Darfur and the Crime of Genocide”

  1. You write,

    ‘The attacks of the Janjaweed militia and Sudanese government forces against the non-Arab people of Darfur, which began in 2003 and are still continuing in 2009, constitute the largest-scale genocidal violence anywhere in the world since the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.’

    Which conveniently ignores the millions of deaths in the wars in Congo and the million plus caused by sanctions and war in Iraq.

    These were caused by the US, UK and their allies. I wonder why they failed to attract your attention?

    1. They do not fail to attract my attention: the Iraq war figures prominently in my book *The New Western Way of War: Risk-Transfer War and Its Crisis in Iraq *(2005). However although genocidal violence *has *figured in both Iraq and the Congo, it does not account for the majority of the deaths in either case, nor have most deaths in either case been caused simply or mainly ‘by the US, UK and their allies’. This was a review of a book about Darfur and writing about Darfur does not mean neglecting Iraq, the Congo or anywhere else. Or do you mean we should *not* write about Darfur because there the West has (ineffectively) championed the victims?

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