Once more on ‘left-wing’ genocide denial

The Guardian journalist George Monbiot has written a further article, 'See No Evil', on the denial by Edward Herman and David Peterson of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and the genocidal massacre at Srebrenica, Bosnia, in 1995, in their book The Politics of Genocide which includes a supportive Preface by Noam Chomsky. Monbiot is responding… Continue reading Once more on ‘left-wing’ genocide denial

‘Left-wing’ genocide denial

George Monbiot has written an interesting take in The Guardian on 'left-wing' denial of the Srebrenica genocidal massacre and the Rwandan genocide, Left and libertarian right cohabit in the weird world of the genocide belittlers. Monbiot refers to the recent book by Edward Herman (Noam Chomsky's collaborator of four decades) and David Peterson, with a… Continue reading ‘Left-wing’ genocide denial

Review of Straus, The Order of Genocide, in World Politics, 2007

The Order of Genocide. By Scott Straus. Cornell University Press, 2006. 273p. $27.95 cloth. Studies of the 1994 Rwandan genocide have moved, Scott Straus argues, beyond simplistic interpretations in terms of ‘tribal’ or ‘ancient’ hatreds (interpretations that were, in truth, more those of the media and politicians than of the early academic literature) towards a… Continue reading Review of Straus, The Order of Genocide, in World Politics, 2007