NEW BOOK: Political Racism: Brexit and Its Aftermath, out in March 2022

“Brexit is a phenomenon of organized racism, which remains a guiding thread of the regime to which it led.”

Exciting news: my study, Political Racism: Brexit and Its Aftermath, will be out at the end of March. The book develops an innovative general argument about the role of organized hostility in today’s racism and the mainstreaming of far-right politics, developing themes such as the relationships between strategic and structural racism, between ‘nativism’ and ‘selective racist’ ideas, and a wide-ranging critique of the denial of racism in immigration politics in general and Brexit in particular.

Its examination of its role in Brexit and its aftermath, offers (I believe) the fullest analysis of racism in the rise of the Brexit movement, its ideology, the 2016 referendum itself (of which it offers an important revisionist account), and how the racist impact of the referendum helped structure the Brexit process and conflict in 2016-19, Johnson’s victory and the current nationalist Tory regime.

Available to order from the PUBLISHER’S WEBSITE.




1 Conceptualizing Racism and Political Racism

2 Political Racism and Immigration

3 The Europhobic Movement and Its Ideology

4 Racism in the Referendum

5 Embedded Racism in the Brexit Conflict

6 Johnson’s Victory and the Nationalist Tory Regime


Hardback£65.00  |  $95.00ISBN 9781788215077

Paperback£19.99  |  $30.00ISBN 9781788215084

e-book£19.99  |  $30.00ISBN 9781788215091

192 pages   |  234 x 156mm   |  30 March 2022

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