Roy Shaw 1918 – 2012 and Gwenyth Shaw 1923 – 2018

    My father, Roy Shaw, died on 15 May 2012, aged 93 (pictured in 1975, left, and 2011, below).¬†Informed appreciations of his life and work can be found as follows: by Richard Hoggart in The Guardian, with further comments in The Guardian by Simon Hoggart (and again), Ian Searle and Paul Oestreicher, together with… Continue reading Roy Shaw 1918 – 2012 and Gwenyth Shaw 1923 – 2018

Obituary: Tony Cliff (Ygael Gluckstein) 1917-2000

First published at (2000) Tony Cliff, founder of the Marxist group that became the Socialist Workers Party, died on 9 April 2000. He was 82, having been born, as his follower Paul Foot pointed out in an appreciation, 'between the two great Russian revolutions' of 1917. His life spanned what Eric Hobsbawm has called… Continue reading Obituary: Tony Cliff (Ygael Gluckstein) 1917-2000