Response to claims of ‘bias’ in genocide research

I have coauthored the following article: Goldberg, Amos; Kehoe, Thomas J.; Moses, A. Dirk; Segal, Raz; Shaw, Martin; and Wolf, Gerhard (2016) "Israel Charny’s Attack on the Journal of Genocide Research and its Authors: A Response," Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal: Vol. 10: Iss. 2: 3-22. DOI: Available at: View article here Abstract: Israel Charny has published… Continue reading Response to claims of ‘bias’ in genocide research

Why I’m not discussing genocide in Jerusalem

New on openDemocracy The International Network of Genocide Scholars (INOGS) is holding a conference in Jerusalem this weekend. The initiative has attracted an attack by Israel Charny in the Jerusalem Post under the lurid heading, ‘Genocide scholars who minimize the Holocaust – and some who are coming to town’. This summarised his article published in… Continue reading Why I’m not discussing genocide in Jerusalem

Conceptualising and theorising antisemitism and racism – new paper

Conceptualising and Theorising Antisemitism and Racism: The Structural Context of Israel-Palestine, Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies 14.2 (2015): 149–164 (pdf available). ABSTRACT This paper provides a basis for re-examining the contemporary connections of antisemitism and racism through an examination of the conceptual and theoretical parameters of the concept of racism. It argues that racism is a… Continue reading Conceptualising and theorising antisemitism and racism – new paper

Israel transfers risk from its soldiers to Gaza civilians

Citing my theory of risk-transfer war, Israeli social scientist Yagil Levy analyses in The Washington Post how - despite an increase in Israeli casualties in its 2014 attack on Gaza compared to 2008-9 - Israel transferred the risks of its campaign even more to Palestinian civilians than in the earlier conflict.

Against the proposed Europe-wide legal ban on genocide denial

I published this letter in the Guardian on 27 January 2015 (scroll down for my letter): 'The proposals of a European Council on Toleration and Reconciliation report for a Europe-wide ban on genocide denial, as part of a swathe of new legal measures (Jewish groups want EU ban on intolerance, 26 January), are highly problematic. First,… Continue reading Against the proposed Europe-wide legal ban on genocide denial

Boycotting Israel: the situation has changed and I have changed my mind too

My new article published on openDemocracy. Some additional comments, not in the openDemocracy version, are indicated by italics. Israel’s slaughter in Gaza must make us all pause and ask whether we should rethink our stance on the Palestine conflict. The killing is presented as a regrettable response to Hamas’s provocations, an almost routine police action… Continue reading Boycotting Israel: the situation has changed and I have changed my mind too

Russia-Israel: domestic politics and serious blowback

Posted on The Ukraine and Gaza crises alike demonstrate the risks of aggressive policy based on short-term calculations. Vladimir Putin and Binyamin Netanyahu's war-as-politics invites damaging long-term consequences. The slaughters in Ukraine and Gaza have one thing in common. Both result from governments authorising violence which is overwhelmingly motivated by domestic politics and appears… Continue reading Russia-Israel: domestic politics and serious blowback

Palestine and Genocide Revisited

The difficulties of serious debate about Palestine: this short commentary has just appeared in Holy Land Studies (12, 1, 2013, 1-8; below is a draft version). The same issue includes an excellent piece by Farid Abdel-Nour, 'From Critic to Cheerleader: The Clarifying Example of Benny Morris' "Conversion"', the clarification being relevant to all who try to… Continue reading Palestine and Genocide Revisited

Israel and Hamas: momentum of war

My new article on openDemocracy, where I write regularly. The latest war over Gaza leaves unchanged the underlying roots of conflict, even as regional changes are narrowing the potential for a long-term settlement. Israel’s week-long war against Hamas and Gaza was - assuming the ceasefire of 21 November 2012 holds and there is no immediate… Continue reading Israel and Hamas: momentum of war

The Holocaust and genocide: loose talk, bad action

A new post on openDemocracy 21 March 2012 Israel's prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a characteristic intervention during his address in Washington to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac ↑ ) on 5 March 2012. In voicing determination to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and thus to reject a situation where Israelis would… Continue reading The Holocaust and genocide: loose talk, bad action