Genocide, Risk and Resilience

I have a chapter, 'The Concept of Genocide: What Are We Preventing?' in a new book edited by Bert Ingelaere, Stephan Parmentier, Jacques Haers and Barbara Segaert, GENOCIDE, RISK AND RESILIENCE: An Interdisciplinary Approach, just out from Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978 1 137 33242 4 'This collection adopts an interdisciplinary approach in order to understand… Continue reading Genocide, Risk and Resilience

Genocide and International Relations: Changing Patterns in the Transitions of the Late Modern World

My new book is out (even if the Cambridge website still says 'not yet published', it's on Amazon UK including Kindle)! The North American edition will be published next month and you can pre-order now. 'Genocide and International Relations lays the foundations for a new perspective on genocide in the modern world. Genocide studies have… Continue reading Genocide and International Relations: Changing Patterns in the Transitions of the Late Modern World

Syria and Egypt: genocidal violence, Western response

The contradictions of the crisis: on openDemocracy: Syria's war is posing acute problems to western political leaders. The largest-scale use of chemical weapons to date, in opposition-held areas east of Damascus on 21 August 2013, killed over 350 civilians and hospitalised 3,000 more. The crisis this has unleashed is bringing the United States and France… Continue reading Syria and Egypt: genocidal violence, Western response

Understanding Today’s Genocides – The Snare of Analogy

A short paper published by Global Dialogue (paywall). The spectre of genocide is always that of a repeat of the last genocide. Many Israelis, faced with the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon, fear a 'second Holocaust'. The UN works to prevent 'another Rwanda', and genocide campaigners believe that one happened in Darfur. Genocide politics… Continue reading Understanding Today’s Genocides – The Snare of Analogy

Palestine and Genocide Revisited

The difficulties of serious debate about Palestine: this short commentary has just appeared in Holy Land Studies (12, 1, 2013, 1-8; below is a¬†draft version). The same issue includes an excellent piece by Farid Abdel-Nour, 'From Critic to Cheerleader: The Clarifying Example of Benny Morris' "Conversion"', the clarification being relevant to all who try to… Continue reading Palestine and Genocide Revisited