A Very British Marxist – And His Son

My personal take on the Ralph and Ed Miliband saga. A version has also been published on openDemocracy. It is ironic as well as objectionable that the Daily Mail’s notorious piece on the late Ralph Miliband, which has so rebounded on the paper, should have brought into question his British identity. Not only did Ralph,… Continue reading A Very British Marxist – And His Son

Welcome to Little Tory England

The background to and consequences of David Cameron's fateful break with Europe: a new article for openDemocracy.net At the European Union summit in Brussels on 8-9 December 2011, Britain's Conservative prime minister David Cameron refused to agree to a full EU treaty to support new governance for the eurozone. He was alone among representatives of… Continue reading Welcome to Little Tory England

Street politics, violence, media

An edited version of this post appeared on openDemocracy, 7 December 2010 ‘The relationship to violence is also much better, as shown by the spontaneous revulsion of the demonstrators against throwing the fire extinguisher at Millbank. There is an understanding of the need for no willed violence against people. Doubtless provocateurs will try and spoil… Continue reading Street politics, violence, media

Brighton Pavilion’s dilemma – Britain’s first Green MP?

This blog does not usually deal with local politics, but I happen to live in the Brighton Pavilion parliamentary constituency, widely hyped as likely to elect Britain's first Green Party Member of Parliament, Caroline Lucas, at the General Election due to be held by June this year. In an election dominated by the uninspiring choice… Continue reading Brighton Pavilion’s dilemma – Britain’s first Green MP?

Text of my Britain and Genocide lecture

Here is the full text, longer than actually delivered: 100126 King's War Studies Lecture, Britain and Genocide.doc. However this is a draft and should NOT be cited. Here is a link to the definitive published version, for citation. This appeared on the Review of International Studies website as a FirstView article on 29 Nov. 2010, … Continue reading Text of my Britain and Genocide lecture